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Below you will find a small selection of some of the emails we have received from people who have been to our directories, and some of the people who advertise on our sites.

“I just want to say thank you. I have been looking for things about Celts and this site was fantastic. It taught me a lot of things that are interesting to know that I never knew.  It helped me understand what it was like back then.  Thank you once again.”



(Email address supplied)

Just great, Thank you Stephanie for all of your help and your prompt and courteous attention to detail. Very much appreciated.  You do indeed have a lovely site and it is a pleasure doing business with you as you are so enthusiastic, which makes it all so much more enjoyable, and thanks for being so sincere, we really appreciate that’SincerelyDianne.

Glamorgan antiques

You people are the greatest and I do get traffic from your site.  This passion we share for the Victorian era or times when things were kinder is exciting!!!  Thanks for everything.’


Romance Remembered by Cresa

Thank you for your very efficient and prompt service, you get a Gold star for your service, the banner is really good, I look forward to more hits on my store now.’

Ken Jenkins

Celtic Jeweller

Thank you for your very efficient and prompt service, you get a Gold star for your service, the banner is really good, I look forward to more hits on my store now.’

Ken Jenkins

Celtic Jeweller

Thank you for adding our link to your directory.  It is a most impressive site, such a lot of interest.’

Ali Arnold

Architectural Ironmongery

‘I took sometime to visit some of the shops from your listings and am very impressed with the quality. I look forward to being among such fine company.’

Janet SchwarzWoodland Farms Antiques & Vintage

Dear Victorian Era SiteMay I say your site is really informative & useful & I will surely tell my friends about your site.’

Paul Hussey, 

Forest Of BereEngland,

As a result of our link to your site we have been getting many hits from Europe and Africa.  Sales? We don’t know but the publicity is priceless. Thanks again.’

Bill Ganson, 

Hampton Court Antiques,

‘Thank you so much!  I look forward to another very productive and busy year, and having a link on your site definitely helps.  Take care!’Best Regards,Christine Dempsey

Crimson Gypsy Designs

‘Logged on after only a few moments after choosing my banner ad,  looks great and was delighted to see it up so quick.  Thank you for all the hard work and a great job.  I can not tell you how impressed I am with you and your great work.  I look forward to a long relationship with you.Your the Best !!!!!!!!!!!

Warmest Regards,

The Duncan’sThe Tartan & Thistle Scottish Shop

I wanted to let you know that by looking at your site I have been lucky to find some new friends.  I went to Bette’s Graphics and found a link to a group called Friends, Flowers and Muses.  What a wonderful group of ladies.  They all love Victorian and we are having a wonderful time getting to know each other.’

‘Thank you for providing such a wonderful service.  I know it must take a lot of work.  I will keep in touch and look forward to your updates.  I am having so much fun doing what I do on the internet.  Never thought I would make friends from so far away!’


Jeanette Barnes

I have looked at your site, it’s great! I’ve really enjoyed having a look around your pages and will be spending much more time here…and my kids will benefit too!  My eldest daughter is doing “The Victorians”, as she puts it, this new school term so she’s over the moon about your site.  I’m sure I will make some new friends through your pages.’

‘Good luck and keep up the good work!’

KateKate Bwye Portraits

“What a wonderful site!”

Michelle SimsCameos & Keepsakes

After we designed her advert Phyllis said:

“It’s wonderful! Thanks for your very quick and well done response.”

Phyllis Cook

Thistledown Nightgowns

“I have visited your very interesting site. It is beautiful.”

Ann MillsCollections by Ann:Vintage Jewelry and Accessories

“Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your Victorian Era website.   It is nice to see a place where fellow Victorian enthusiasts can gather and find information.  I had a chance to briefly review the content of your website and find it to be most appropriate.”

Victorian Bazaar

“Thanks for referring a lot of people to our website!”

Graeme Hicks

Cornish Heritage

Glad to have found you.” 

Drusilla FowlerLagniappe

“Very interesting concept.  A bit different than the normal web ring.”

Jeanne ThomasFabric Art

“This is a very interesting idea you have here.”

Carolyn and Joel Senter

The Sherlock Holmes Shoppe by Classic Specialties

“Thank you for contacting me regarding your website.  I would be very interested in joining!  You have selected some very nice sites.”

Barbara Villar

Victoria Ashley

“Many thanks for being so efficient”


Black Dragon Crafts

“I enjoyed visiting your web site and saw some businesses in your directory I’d like to visit.  Thank you for adding my web site to your directory so quickly!”

Edith BynumTEA-BEARS

“I just checked my email to you relative to the design of our banner.  I find that I said…”We are interested in simplicity coupled with grace.” You came through magnificently.  I could not be more pleased.  Many, many thanks.”

Bill G.Hampton Court Antiques

What a pleasure I had visiting your site! Very informative, pretty graphics and layout. Thank you for a wonderful journey!”

Lady Belle

Lily’s Valley



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